Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM Support

Preact offers a choice of support options for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM. In addition to regular break / fix cover, our managed service includes all resources that you’ll need to empower your team, configure and extend Dynamics, and realise your CRM objectives - this even includes complimentary training!

Contact us to find out more and arrange a Microsoft Dynamics support quotation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM Managed Service

Get expert CRM help to resolve issues and extend your Dynamics system, and spread costs monthly with our managed service subscription.

Phase your deployment, or take your Microsoft Dynamics system to the next level by scheduling CRM consultancy hours and develop user skills by utilising complimentary training hours.

This bespoke agreement adapts to your requirements and budget - simply choose how many CRM hours you need, then allocate tasks for our team to carry out on-demand.

Our managed service for Microsoft Dynamics is an annual agreement that includes:

  • Break / Fix Support - phone and remote dial Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM support
  • CRM Consultancy Hours - configure new features, customise your database and deliver the next phase of your project
  • Complimentary Training - helping all users get the best results with Dynamics 365 / CRM
  • Technical Account Manager - named contact responsible for your CRM technical requirements


Break / Fix CRM Support

Speak to a CRM technician when you need help to have your questions answered and resolve issues.

With years of supporting CRM users we have encountered most issues and a quick phone call will save you countless hours of time and lost productivity.

  • Unlimited usage phone & remote dial in support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM
  • Expert Support from a Microsoft CRM Gold Partner & Microsoft Technology Specialist
  • 4 Hour Service Level Agreement response for all CRM support issues
  • All recent Dynamics versions supported

Whether your system was implemented by Preact, or another party, you'll have easily accessible and clear expert advice to keep your CRM system running smoothly. 

We’ll answer your support questions, fix issues, help you to avoid downtime and leverage better results from Microsoft Dynamics.

Comparing Our CRM Support Plans

Comparing our CRM support plans Break / Fix
Managed Service
Help with basic CRM 'How to' questions
Help with operational issues
Schedule inclusive consultancy hours for new CRM tasks x
Schedule complimentary training to accelerate CRM results x
Named CRM Technical Account Manager x

Activate CRM Support

Contact Preact to arrange a quote for managed support or break / fix for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM.

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Examples of Managed Service Tasks

Improve the performance of your Microsoft Dynamics system by allocating inclusive CRM hours to address tasks and new requirements that aren't covered by break / fix support. These can include:

Managing CRM

  • Configuring user profiles & permissions
  • Managing CRM mobile access
  • Integrating Microsoft Social Listening
  • Setting duplication detection rules
  • Configuring CRM for Outlook
  • Managing data import / export processes
  • Using teams to manage user groups
  • Customising CRM reports, charts & dashboards
  • Managing CRM product catalogues
  • Spring cleaning your CRM database
  • Cleansing CRM forms
  • Measuring CRM user adoption
  • Showing / Hiding form fields
  • Improving CRM form load times
  • System health check
  • Optimising CRM data storage

User Training

  • CRM user introduction training
  • CRM sales team tuition
  • Introduction to CRM workflow automation
  • Managing marketing campaigns
  • How to measure campaign ROI in CRM
  • Creating personalised CRM views
  • ClickDimensions marketing training
  • Using CRM to qualify sales opportunities
  • Working with CRM marketing lists
  • How to customise CRM templates
  • Understanding lead routing
  • Working with CRM product and price lists
  • Managing contact sync settings
  • Power tips for CRM user navigation
  • Understanding activity tracking options
  • Advanced queries with advanced find
  • Following CRM records
  • New feature familiarisation
  • User acceptance training
  • Train the trainer tuition
  • Bespoke CRM tuition

Customising CRM

  • Configuring CRM process automation
  • Adapting CRM to manage projects
  • Automated lead scoring
  • Applying CRM entitlement processes
  • Integrating CRM with accounting / ERP
  • Integration with eCommerce platforms
  • Managing events in Microsoft Dynamics
  • Customising CRM to manage job tasks
  • Configuring Service Level Agreements
  • Visualising progress with CRM goals
  • Prioritising service cases using CRM queues
  • Creating nurture marketing campaigns
  • Using CRM for contract management
  • Configuring automatic case creation rules
  • Deploying an integrated customer web portal
  • Using CRM to track billable time
  • Setting automated account numbers
  • Enforcing process rules with CRM workflows
  • Setting workflows to show error messages
  • Customising quick create forms
  • Using CRM to manage orders
  • Configure SharePoint integration
  • Setting a CRM Internet Facing Deployment
  • Capturing client feedback
  • Adding new CRM entities
  • Assigning activities using round-robin processes

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Clients Include: