Sage 200 Integration

By integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Sage 200 and other accounting solutions, data is synchronised and processes are better connected.

Through integrated accounting and CRM solutions you can easily check complete information in a single interface without duplicating processes in multiple applications.

  • Import customer, supplier & product detail from an accounts database into Microsoft Dynamics
  • Enables customer facing staff to check an account order history in CRM to understand buying patterns and identify new up-sell opportunities
  • Map fields between each system so updates only need to be applied once
  • Convert CRM sales opportunities into new orders for immediate invoicing and processing without re-entering order detail
  • Apply accounts pricing and product lists to CRM quotes
  • Enables workflow rules to guide users and provide safeguards. For example, alert users if a new quote values exceeds an account credit limits or if customers have been placed on credit hold.

By connecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sage 200 your team will gain a complete view of each relationship within the CRM interface to better understand each individual customer and streamline processes with accounts departments.

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