Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies CRM with other Microsoft cloud solutions in a single offering bringing together people, data and business processes.

Digitally transform your processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to:

  • Empower Employees with familiar tools that enable people to do their best work
  • Engage Customers with natural tailored experiences from purchase to support
  • Transform Products with an extensible platform and integrated apps that uses data as a strategic asset to differentiate your offering
  • Optimise Operations with intelligent processes and predictive guidance that accelerates the speed of business

Deep integration between Dynamics 365 and Office 365 connects business processes and personal productivity using familiar tools including Outlook, Word and Excel.

Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 and deliver intelligent purpose built apps to power your digital transformation. Contact Preact to learn more.

Currently using Dynamics CRM? Read 12 things you need to know about to Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps

​Dynamics 365 takes a new approach to business applications to help manage specific functions.

  • Sales - Increase sales and digital intelligence to help sales people stay focused and work smarter.
  • Customer Service - Earn loyalty by giving agents complete information and intelligence so they can provide a seamless service. 
  • Field Service - Optimize schedules and equip your field workforce using predictive tools that increase profit.
  • Project Service - Complete projects on time and on budget with intelligent and integrated project tools.
  • Operations - Optimize operations and utilize digital intelligence to grow at your pace.
  • Finance - Makes ordering, selling and invoicing and reporting easier.
  • Marketing - Available Quarter 2, 2017. 

Each Dynamics 365 app provides a modern, consistent user experience and features predictive insight and actionable next steps thanks to embedded Power BI and Cortana Intelligence.

Embedded Intelligence

Collect data throughout your business and use embedded Power BI analytics to gain insight and drive smart decisions across all apps.

Dynamics 365 features dozens of artificial intelligence capabilities including next step recommendations, service sentiment and intent analysis to drive better outcomes.

Start With Want You Need - Add More As You Grow

Start with a single individual Dynamics 365 business app that fits the needs of your role. As requirement changes, switch to a Plan and enable more apps which seamlessly integrate and offer a consistent user experience.

Find and activate more connected, purpose built Dynamics 365 apps using the Microsoft AppSource marketplace to extend business processes as you go.

Do Business Anywhere

Get access to all the customer and businesses detail that matters most to you, on demand, using free mobile apps.

For example, open contextual Dynamics 365 records directly from a customer email in Outlook wherever you work.

Check their latest interactions directly from this message including recent service cases and active sales opportunities by surfacing Dynamics 365 mobile apps. 

Mix and Match Licences

Dynamics 365 offers simple yet highly flexible licensing. Users only need to be licensed for the specific tools they need. Affordable options for light usage enable more employees to access and engage in critical business processes.

Choose between single role-based Apps, or opt for Plans that deliver full functionality across all Apps. Dynamics 365 lets you mix and match to give each person the precise functionality they want - and only pay for what is needed.

How Much is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Selected Dynamics 365 (GBP) licence prices are shown below (January 2017).

Existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers are entitled to reduced transitional Dynamics 365 pricing. Contact Preact to request a quotation and to discuss the transitioning process.

For new registrations, a Plan 1 licence for access to all Dynamics 365 apps totals £86.70+VAT per user / month for up to 100 users, tiered rates apply for 100+ users. Check our post for a summary of what services a Plan 1 licence includes. 

The price of Individual apps for sales, customer service, project service automation and field service users totals £71.60+VAT per user / month for users who only need a single app to fit the requirements of their role.

Team member licences for light usage across all Dynamics 365 apps totals £7.50+VAT per user / month for up to 100 users, tiered rates apply for 100+users.

SMB Offer: Subject to Microsoft conditions, discounted rates are available for new customers that only require the Sales app, or only the Sales and Customer Service apps starting from £30.20+VAT per user / month. Contact Preact to learn more and arrange a quotation. 

Separate Dynamics 365 pricing is available for charities, educations and public sector organisations. 

Trust Preact With Your Dynamics 365 Project

  1. CRM Expertise - CRM is our core business. We have been implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics for ten years.
  2. We Know The Cloud - Preact were early cloud adopters and we hold Microsoft's highest accreditation for cloud customer relationship management solutions.
  3. Proven Implementation Methodology - We offer a choice of implementation packages to fit requirements of all complexities and budgets. Each reflects our rapid, best practice agile deployments that deliver early success
  4. Living our Values - At the heart of Preact's culture sit our core values: Putting Customer's First, Being The Best and Growing Business Together. Our commitment to living these values is central to the way we behave with out customers and each other.

Get in touch to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and to discuss your requirements with one of our consultants.

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Choice of Implementation

If you want to get started immediately and pay monthly, or if your project requires more detailed scoping and testing, we have an implementation approach to fit your needs:

Instant CRM

Go live with Microsoft Dynamics now and pay monthly with a low monthly cost. We'll immediately provision CRM in the cloud, apply our sales-optimised template and provide free web training and phone support to help you hit the ground running.

Quick Start

Our Quick Start packages include all the essentials to complete your initial cloud CRM deployment in just a few days. Beginning with high-level scoping we'll customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 to fit your processes and we'll deliver this as a fixed scope, fixed price service.

CRM Quick Start

Scope Led Project

Beginning with a detailed scoping consultancy we'll fully define and document your requirements. A scope led approach is recommended if your project requires external integration, if it involves multiple custom entities, or complex processes.

Scope Led

How is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensed?

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