Transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics 365 - 12 Things You Need To Know

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online you will have received a notification that your subscription will transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the future. Here are 12 things you need to know about this new service.

1. More Data Storage 

For Dynamics 365 default cloud storage is doubled to 10 GB compared to Dynamics CRM Online.

Also, is now more easy to accrue additional storage. Extra storage capacity increases at a higher rate of 5 GB x 20 full users compared to just 2.5 GB with Dynamics CRM. 

With no maximum of free storage, Dynamics 365 provides more generous data storage for every subscription with additional storage costs now priced at a lower rate compared to Dynamics CRM Online.

2. Includes Non-Production Instance

Only larger sites had free access to a Dynamics CRM sandbox. 

By default, every Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscriber will now have access to their own non-production instance at no additional cost in which to carry out development work and test new features in a safe environment away their live instance of Dynamics.

3. Team Member Licences

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team Member licence is a new low cost option enabling more people to be connected to your sales, marketing, service and more processes who perhaps haven't previously had access to Dynamics CRM.

Team Member licences provide light touch access across all connected Dynamics 365 apps. 

Users can manage activities, update contacts and accounts, track Outlook emails, connect with Office 365 apps, create knowledge articles and update custom entities in addition to read only access across all other record types and processes.

This also extends to reading and interacting with PowerBI dashboards, mobile access to PowerApps and even using Microsoft Flow templates to automate any processes you can dream up!

Team Member licences start from £6.20 per user (or device) / month delivering a rich set of features and collaboration tools that enable everyone to plug in to the platform and remove collaboration barriers.

4. Choose a Plan or App

Only pay for what you need. Licence Dynamics 365 by one of the role specific Apps including sales, customer service and project service. 

Each App includes Team Member capabilities to consume and share content across all Dynamics 365 Apps.

For user requirements that span several Apps, licensing a Plan is always be the best value for just an incremental cost compared to individual apps for everything that Dynamics 365 has to offer.

License flexibility means that organisations can mix and match these options enabling users to have a combination of Plans, Apps and Team Member licences which reflect the roles and usage requirements of each individual. 

It's worth noting that an App or Plan is required to configure and administer Team licences. You can't deploy Dynamics 365 with all users on a Team licence, at least one App/Plan is required per agreement.

5. Includes Web Portal

In addition to full access across Dynamics 365 apps, the Plan 1 licence includes access to an integrated web portal to extend self-service capabilities.  

Create extra capacity, foster greater engagement with customers, partners, employees or communities, and increase satisfaction by deploying a web portal that fully connects with your business processes.

By default, the web portal provides capacity for up to 1 million page views per month. Additional capacity can be purchased in 500k page view increments.

6. Includes Voice of the Customer Surveys

Dynamics 365 plans and apps include the integrated Voice of the Customer survey solution to create and send personalised surveys from Microsoft Dynamics to gain feedback. 

Design bespoke surveys using numerous question types including smileys, star ratings and ranked lists and personalize landing pages.

When a survey is completed, you can use rules to trigger automated follow-up actions. 

For example, create a lead or add a new service case and route this to the correct queue for prompt handling. Surveys can be delivered automatically each time a service case closes to track customer satisfaction.

Survey analytics and Power BI integration helps you use customer feedback to identify service gaps, run targeted marketing campaigns, or send offers to increase sales.

7. Tiered Pricing

Buy more licences and save more! 

As the Dynamics 365 user count increases beyond 100 licences on Team Member and Enterprise Plan 1 licences, the cost per user decreases.

8. Full Social Engagement

Fully integrated Microsoft Social Engagement is available for all Dynamics 365 Plans and Apps putting powerful social tools in the hands of sales, marketing and service teams.

Gain insight into how people feel about your business and empowering teams to proactively connect on social media with customers, fans, and critics.

With access to full Social Engagement capabilities, users can now add unlimited social streams and trigger automated Cases and Leads from social events.

As default, Social Engagement will track up to 20,000 social posts per month. Additional capacity can be purchased for an additional cost.

9. Built in Artificial Intelligence

One example of newly embedded AI capabilities is Relationship Insights.

This includes helping sales people understand the health of each relationship, and how likely each deal will proceed.

Signals from tracked Exchange emails and CRM entries determines the status of each relationship and any trends based on these interactions and their frequency. 

Armed with this intelligence sales teams can assess the risks and focus efforts on the right opportunities and activities.

The Relationship Assistant for Dynamics 365 uses multiple sources of data and customer interactions to present sales and other users with actionable cards. 

These provide contextual alerts including notifications that a customer has not opened an email or to highlight buying signals that have been identified in a recent email.

10. Includes Knowledge Base

Dynamics 365 includes full knowledge management and sharing in a single solution.

New services and rights are available to share insights and solutions across an entire organisation's user base for Dynamics 365 Plans, Apps and Team Member licences. 

Individual knowledge articles can also be shared with customers and partners via the integrated web portals.

11. Auto Renew CRM Online until Feb'17

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with Direct or Cloud Solution Programme (CSP) billing, you can auto-renew your existing subscription for another period until 1 February 2017, or renew in to the new Dynamics 365 licensing now.

As a result, Dynamics CRM Online aren't impacted with an immediate forced transition to Dynamics 365 with little notice or time to react. 

12. Transitional Pricing for CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers as of 31 October 2016 will qualify for special transition pricing on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps and Plan 1.

We would be happy to advise you about your renewal options in transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and answer your questions. 

Please contact us and we'll help to you select the best deal.


Note - all Microsoft Dynamics 365 references are specific to the Enterprise edition. A complete Business Edition featuring Sales and Marketing apps will be launched in 2017.