Top 10 Microsoft Dynamics CRM & 365 Posts of 2016

We were delighted to see a surge of interest in our blog last year which resulted in an increase of a third more visitors.

During 2016 we published over 70 posts so let’s look back to see which attracted most attention.

10. How to Create Sales Quotes for Microsoft Dynamics Project Service

Beginning our series of posts about the Project Service solution for Microsoft Dynamics we demonstrated how this helps sales and project teams work together to build project quotes.

We provided a walk-through guide that featured new inbuilt capabilities for project templates, project price lists and project estimates.

9. Transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics 365 - 12 Things You Need To Know

Existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscribers can now transition to the new Dynamics 365 service. In this post we highlighted the options available and how this compares to Dynamics CRM Online agreements.

8. New Integrated Web Portals for Microsoft Dynamics

There was tremendous interest in the release of self-service web portals for Microsoft Dynamics 365. We summarised the main aspects of this solution including the 4 main packaged templates in this post which also features a link to our recorded portals webinar.

7. New Microsoft Dynamics App for Outlook

In response to the preview release, we featured the new app for Outlook and demonstrated how this enables CRM users to track emails across virtually any device. Microsoft will shortly release a revised version of the app for Dynamics 365 and we’ll cover this in a separate post.

6. Meet the Interactive Service Hub

The Interactive Service Hub is a slimmed down Dynamics user interface for teams to manage service issues. Featuring embedded knowledge, case management and new service dashboards we took a tour of the new UI.

5. Microsoft Dynamics 365 & The Evolution of CRM

The big CRM news of 2016 was the announcement of Microsoft Dynamics 365. In our first Dynamics 365 post we shared an overview of Microsoft’s vision for this new service and provided some detail for how this would be licensed.

4. Previewing Dynamics CRM Spring Wave 2016

We covered a selection of what was new in the Spring Wave update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. 2016 Update 1 featured a range of new releases but such is the pace of change many of these offerings have since been revised following the introduction of Dynamics 365.

3. Field Service Guide

One addition in the Spring Wave was the release of an integrated Field Service module for Microsoft Dynamics following Microsoft’s acquisition of Field One.  

We provided a quick tour of these new capabilities but this offering also evolved with the arrival of Dynamics 365 release and we subsequently published an updated post later in the year.

2. Test Driving Voice of the Customer

Our 2nd most popular post in 2016 turned the spotlight on Voice of the Customer surveys. 

When we published this the solution was only available to Dynamics CRM Online customers who held an Enterprise licence. There weren’t too many of those but before the year ended, Voice of the Customer would be included with a full licence of Dynamics 365 which made it far more accessible and significantly more compelling.

1. How is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensed

By far our most popular post of the year was a deep dive into the licensing of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We included a comparison with Dynamics CRM Online for customers who would be transitioning to this new service and provided more detail about the main Dynamics 365 apps and licence types.

For steer on some of the Microsoft Dynamics stories likely to make headlines in 2017 check out our predictions.