​New Admin Dashboard Arriving for Dynamics CRM Online

Included in the new Spring 16 Wave release for Dynamics CRM Online is a new Organization Insights Dashboard that gives database administrators quick view of their CRM metrics and useful insight about CRM usage.

Initially this is being released as preview feature but early impressions suggests it will be an excellent addition to visualize how users are interacting with CRM.

The dashboard also reflects a new type of chart that features a series of predefined filters that can be toggled.

The Active Users chart displays how many CRM users have logged in to the database. In the graphic below we can see a timeline over 48 hours. Other predefined filters are available for 2 hours and 30 days.

Using this view administrators and project leaders can easily assess how many users are accessing Dynamics CRM Online, and how these numbers vary over time.

This is defined by users who have performed a CRM operation to Retrieve, Delete, Create and Update CRM data.

Check the Most Active Users chart for a top 10 list of the individuals who've performed the most CRM read operations over one of these time frames:

A separate chart displays the most active CRM users in terms of making updates, creating new records or deleting records:

Unlike regular CRM dashboards, with the new insights dashboard users can quickly switch to one of the predefined time periods, or adjust the data shown. For the above example, the user could deselect creates and updates to only display user stats based on record deletion..

Thinking about CRM user adoption these charts offer added insight to keep track of which users are engaging with Microsoft Dynamics, and who might need help and they'll support the process for monitoring CRM adoption throughout the organisation and perhaps making a comparison with a success metric KPI.

More detailed than the Active Users chart this categorizes the total number of active users by reading, creating, updating or deleting CRM data:

By reporting the Total CRM Operations this chart monitors the peak usage of CRM across the last 2 hours, 48 hours, or 30 days. Identify any spikes in usage and potentially unusual behaviour such as bulk deletes or record creates:

Check the Total Page Requests chart in the Organization Insights Dashboard to understand what types of page requests are being made across these timelines and how CRM data is being consumed. Predefined filters automatically plot data for CRM reports, forms and dashboards:

This points the way to better analysis of CRM usage and improved interface for Dynamics dashboards and we’re keenly awaiting the full release.