Nested Quick Create Forms for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Several recent improvements to Dynamics CRM have been somewhat ‘under the radar’ compared to more prominent updates like embedded search and CRM hierarchies.

One such example is Nested Quick Create.

Quick create forms were introduced in CRM 2013 enabling users to create records quickly with minimal information from any screen without involving pop-up windows that were a persistent feature with earlier CRM versions.

There was a drawback in this process in the event that you also needed to create a new parent record as CRM will leave quick create experience and drag you through a process which required the full form of the extra record to be completed involving further clicks and popups.

For example, if you are creating a new contact using quick create but the account you want to associate this with doesn’t exist in CRM this will need to be added outside the quick create experience.

We’ve highlighted the additional steps this involved to demonstrate the process prior to CRM 2015.

Step 1 – In the Contact Quick Create Form click the Company field.

As there isn’t a ‘New’ option the user is forced to click the look-up more records link to open a pop-up.

Step 2 – In the look-up window select ‘New’ to open a regular new account form.

Step 3 – Complete the new Account form including all mandatory fields then Save & Close.

Step 4 – After being returned to the look-up screen select the new company to associate this with the contact record on the quick create form.

Finally, the company is shown on the quick create form for this contact.


That involved a lot of screens to complete what should be a seamless process.

With the new “Nested Quick Create” feature the same process is completed in a single step without involving pop-ups and unnecessary mouse clicks.

After upgrading to Dynamics CRM 2015 this process is entirely handled in the quick create form.

Now, when clicking the company field the user can follow a new prompt to create an additional company record which didn’t exist in CRM 2013.

Click on “+ New” button shown below to open nested quick create to account form.

You will now be presented with another quick create form to create the account record.

You’ll notice the header is converted to “Contact > Account” which indicates that you are still working in the same quick create experience viewing an account quick create form that is opened from the contact quick create form.

Save the Account and you will be immediate directed back to the same contact quick create form but with company lookup filled with newly created account!