Microsoft Social Listening Resources

**** Update - Microsoft Social Listening is now Microsoft Social Engagement ****


Microsoft has published a wealth of resources about the new Social Listening service.

Rather than repeat the same material here we’ve listed below links to the best content about Microsoft Social Listening.

PDF e-Books

Introducing Microsoft Social Listening
Social Listening for CRM

Demonstration Videos

How to Set-Up Social Listening Search Topics
Understanding Social Sentiment
Tuning Social Search Terms

Social Listening Trial Walkthrough

Microsoft have created an interactive demonstration account that uses archived social listening data enabling new users to evaluate the service before configuring their account.

Click here to try out Microsoft Social Listening and follow the accompanying video tutorial.

Social Listening & CRM

Microsoft Social Listening is freely available to all Dynamics CRM Online customers with at least 10 Professional user licences. CRM On-Premise customers are able to add Social Listening for an incremenal cost.

The CRM Spring'14 Wave update includes new social profiles and enables Social Dashboard that import and display data. Current Microsoft Dynamics customers will receive an email from Microsoft inviting them to activate the service and connect social listening with CRM.

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Social Best Practice Guides & Tips

Social is for Closers - how sales people can use social listening to close more sales
Wow Service - how to use social to deliver amazing service