Advanced Find & Quick Find Searches in CRM 2015

The Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Find command is on the move again!

In CRM 2011 this appeared as a prominent button in the ribbon navigation.

With the arrival of CRM 2013 and the demise of the ribbon style menu the Advanced Find function was shunted into an ellipsis dropdown list and was given an icon that appeared to resemble a fort rather than a pair of binoculars.

Happily, in Dynamics CRM 2015 Advanced Find is restored to the forefront of the user interface.

And it’s got a better icon…

Microsoft has now added an Advanced Find button to the global toolbar enabling filtered searches to be initiated from anywhere in CRM.

Click the button to open the advanced find pop-up window.

The advanced find dialog will dynamically search for record types consistent to the active CRM page.

In this example we’ve launched the advanced find from an account record so this will automatically set the query to look for accounts but can be easily switched to any CRM entity from the dropdown list.

An even more prominent addition to the CRM toolbar is a new quick find search box enabling keyword lookups to be run from any page in CRM.

Lookups can include multiple keywords and this also supports (*) wildcard terms.

Search results are shown on a new page in the same CRM window.

Quick find results are listed across multiple entities that match these terms.

Results can be filtered to restrict matching items to a specific entity. For example, to only show search matches for opportunities.

In this example the search has been configured to work across 9 defined entities including accounts, contacts and cases.

Database administrators can select up to a maximum of 10 standard and custom CRM entities that are used in a quick find search and set the column order these are listed in.

If a user can’t find a match from the quick find result and you want to create a new CRM record there are no shortage of options from this page.

You can use the regular Quick Create button in the global CRM menu.

Another option is to click the + New Record option to add a record for an entity that might not appear in the Quick Create Menu.

Or, press the + icon shown next to each entity title in the search results to launch the quick create dropdown specific for the selected entity.

It’s great to see these search improvements in Dynamics CRM!

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