Act! Software or Cloud: It's Your Choice!

With the launch of our Act! Premium Cloud service we’re delighted to offer businesses greater freedom to choose how they implement Act!

Preact have offered a hosted Act! service for several years but previously this required customers to purchase Act! software licences upfront in addition to a monthly hosting subscription which made it a hybrid rather than a fully cloud service.

But with the arrival of Act! Premium Cloud you can choose between 2 competitive deployment options.

On-Premise - purchase Act! software licences for a one-off fee and install the database on your own server.

Cloud - use Act! as a subscription service with a low upfront cost & minimise IT infrastructure overheads.

So which option is best for your business?

Both have clear strengths but determining the best deployment path will depend on your own requirements and circumstances.

The purpose of this post is to compare both options to help you assess which one is best for your own business.

On-Premise Act! Software

Act! Premium and the starter Act! Pro edition are available to purchase for a one-time upfront cost.

An on-premise Act! database will be installed on PC / laptop for individual users, or installed on Windows Server for shared user access.

Reasons to Choose On-Premise Act!

  • You require full control of your data on your own server
  • You want to purchase the software & Act! licenses for a one-off cost
  • You need advanced Act! customisation and integration capabilities
  • You already have the in-house IT resources & hardware to manage Act!
  • You want to fully control when Act! database upgrades are applied
  • All Act! for Windows users need real-time access to your database

Act! Premium Cloud

The cloud service offered by Preact includes the same features as the on-premise Act! Premium edition.

The key differences are that your database is stored on our secure hosting platform rather than your own server and secondly, there isn’t an upfront software cost as the subscription service is billed monthly.

Reasons to Choose Act! Premium Cloud

  • You want to avoid the overhead of managing Act! on an in house server
  • You prefer predictable monthly billing & minimal upfront set-up cost
  • You want an Act! partner to handle the maintenance & management of your contact database
  • You prefer automatic access to new Act! features and updates when they are released
  • You want to quickly share your contact database through Windows, Web and Mobile channels
  • You need extra flexibility to decrease the number of Act! users in response to seasonal activity & other changing demand

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Contact Preact to find out more about both Act! deployment options and get advice from our consultants.