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Act! Frequently Asked Questions

What is Act! Software?

Act! is a contact management software application that helps individuals and small businesses manage their customer relationships, grow sales and manage their working day. With around 3 million users worldwide, Act! has maintained its position as the number one contact management system for 25 years through its renowned ease-of-use and low cost of entry. Learn More

How Can I Test Act!?

Download a free 30 day trial of Act! to evaluate the application.

What are the Differences between Act! Pro & Act! Premium?

Act! Premium includes Act! Premium for Web and Act! Premium Mobile enabling remote and mobile users to access Act! in real time via Internet Explorer and mobile devices.

Act! Pro is limited to a maximum of 10 users. Act! Premium supports larger and faster growing teams and there isn't any defined user total limitation.

The Premium edition also has extended tools to support larger teams including advanced user security control and team dashboards. Read more about the differences

How Many Licences Do I Need?

Act! is licensed on a 'named user' basis. A licence must be held for each ACT! user account. For example a team of 4 people will need a 4 user licence of either Act! Pro or Act! Premium.You do not need to purchase a separate licence for a server installation of Act!

Act! is not licensed on a concurrent basis. For example, if a team of 10 people required access but only a maximum of 5 will be logged in at any one time, a total of 10 Act! licences must be purchased to create 10 user accounts who will be able to access the database.

The Act! v17 edition includes extra flexibility to share Act! with more people on a read only basis without a need to purchase a separate user licence.

How Does Act! Premium for Web Work?

Act! Premium is supplied with web access software at no additional charge enabling remote and mobile users to log-on to your web server to access Act! database via a web browser. Contact data remains on your server and within your firewalls and administrators centrally control which users are authorised to have web access or access via a local Windows installation, or a combination of both.

If required Preact can host Act! Premium for you.

Once ACT! Premium for Web is configured mobile users can also access contacts, calendars and Act! histories via an app-style interface that is available on all HTML5 compatible browsers including iPad and iPhone.

Does Act! Work on an iPad?

Act! Premium users have access to many Act! functions using the Act! Premium Mobile interface that is compatible with iPad and other HTML5 compatible devices. Third party services are also available including CompanionLink that synchronises Act! data with iPad & other mobile devices.

How Easy is Act! to Set-Up?

In addition to installing Act! on a server & PC’s, you should consider how your database will be personalised. This may include changing field names, adding new field options, adapting Act! screens and importing legacy data. You may also want to customise the Act! sales opportunity module, configure ACT! e-marketing and customise standard reports.

In instances where Act! has failed to deliver expected results we consistently find that users have not embraced the system because they were given a default database design &/or did not receive adequate training. As Act! business partners we offer consultancy help to support new implementations of Act!

How Does Act! Compare with other CRM systems?

As an easy to use, scalable and cost effective system, Act! remains the leading entry level contact management solution for over 25 years. With a low cost of entry compared to many competitor packages Act! can be deployed for a one-off cost totalling as little as £145 with no recurring maintenance costs. To see how Act! measures up to Microsoft Dynamics CRM download our comparison guide.

Does Act! Premium Work with Microsoft SQL Standard?

ACT! Premium is supplied with Microsoft SQL Express. The database can also work with Microsoft SQL Standard to leverage extended scalability and performance but this must be purchased separately.

How Can I Access Act! Remotely

ACT! enables remote working through several methods.

  • By network via Terminal Server, Citrix connection or through a Virtual Private Network connection remote users can gain real-time access to shared ACT! data on a server.
  • Where offline access is needed remote users can work from a local copy of the database. This can be the entire ACT! database or just a portion that reflects their records. Updates can be synchronised with the master database when the local copy is next connected.
  • Act! Premium also provides remote access via web browser using Premium for Web for real time access or Act! Premium Mobile.
  • Further subscription options are available to access ACT! from mobile devices.

How Can Act! Be Used for Email Marketing?

Act! includes functions for email merging enabling users to build mailing lists and send mass communications. This is effective for simple email templates using plain text or messages that feature 1-2 images and are sent in small batches.

Act! also includes integration with Act! emarketing to support HTML email templates and track email open / click data. This also reveals a ranked call list of prospects based on user actions in response to each message. A basic version of Act! emarketing is supplied with the latest edition - additional subscriptions are available.

What Type of Organisations Use Act! Software?

Act! is incredibly versatile and can be used in virtually any type of organisation including service sector, manufacturing companies, universities and colleges, charities, local councils, retailers and many more.

Act! can be deployed throughout a smaller organisation or can be used independently by departments within large organisations.

What Does Act! Offer Beyond Outlook or Excel?

Each of these applications include some contact management functionality but Act! enables all aspects of a client relationship to be viewed and managed from one place. Act! is more than just an address book of contacts. Businesses can track a full communications history on each contact, progress sales opportunities, follow-up on activities and check background relationship information.

Act! is fully network ready and can be shared throughout a team to improve communication, remove duplication, streamline processes and make sure that important tasks aren't forgotten.

Does Act! Link with Sage 50?

Act! is supplied with a legacy integration with Sage 50 but for fully support and robust integration we recommend Alphalink for Act!

What Are The Recurring Act! Charges?

Act! software licences don’t incur any on-going charges. Optional ACT! support and upgrade cover packages are available.

Act! Premium Cloud is a rolling monthly agreement with an ongoing monthly subscription.